Information on the structure of the Luxum System can be found here.


The star Luxum and it's solar system (the Luxum System) are the setting for the roleplaying website Some of its inhabitants proclaim it the birthplace of life and special home to the Pantheon.


Below are the planets of the Luxum System, in order of increasing distance from Luxum itself. Every planet is named after one of the Gods of the Lost Pantheon, and usually bears some resemblance to that deity's traits.


The planet Hendat is uninhabitable due to its extreme proximity to the sun. It is hypothesized to have a vast trove of fossil fuels, remanents from life a time long ago, the details of which have been lost to time.


The planet Empar is habitable, although it plays host to extreme weather. Living on Empar means accepting that every summer and winter will be spent mainly underground, and every spring and fall will be spent farming, albeit also underground. Some parents there claim it "builds character." Regardless, only the determined and the desperate stay there for long.


Planet Efir is very habitable, and highly similar to Earth, with the exception of the existence of magic, which has helped keep the land clean and alive. It is the birthplace of more life within the Luxum system than any other planet, including humans, and is thought of fondly by most whom have paid visit.


Theos is a habitable, although generally rocky place. It bears similarities to a terraformed version of Mars. The seasons are colder than in Efir, but are generally negligible in terms of the effects on species native to Efir.


Forthol is a habitable planet, but is extremely dangerous. Despite that, the gratiutous quantities of various minerals, the resilient native life forms, and wild natural magic draw in many researchers, explorers, and other entrepreneurs as well as many types of shady characters. Despite attempts to reverse this fact, humans are not at the top of the food chain on Forthol. The people, plants, and animals which surive on Forthol are among the most skilled, talented, and or lucky in the entire Luxum System.


The planet Azby is perhaps the most unusual of the planets of the Luxum System, as the same side is always facing the sun. Rumor has it that this is due to a massive tower running through the middle of the planet, ending with spires on either end (directly towards and away from the sun). They supposedly work like the needles of a compass, pointing towards and away from the sun and causing the planet to be split between a super-desert and a frozen wasteland. For all humanity knows some life may exist on either end. However, human life can only survive around the equator normally.


The planet of Sloga is uninhabitable, the Pluto of the Luxum system. It is as cold as its namesake, although has lakes on its surface, albeit of liquid methane and other materials that are only found as such on Efir within labratories.

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